How much does it cost to test for Chinese drywall?

There are now hundreds of contractors performing Chinese Drywall Remediation services throughout the country. We have witnessed remediation efforts that cost as little as $15 per square foot and up to $85 per square foot.

Is Chinese drywall still a problem?

China-manufactured drywall has been linked to health problems and metal corrosion in homes. Problem drywall is a problem that isn’t going away. As of 2015, over 4,000 homeowners have reported that drywall imported from China has caused health problems and metal corrosion in their homes, according to the CDC.

What year was Chinese drywall used in Florida?

The use of Chinese drywall in Florida homes and buildings occurred between 2004 and 2006, during the housing boom. At the center of the drywall problems in Florida is Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co.

Why is Chinese drywall bad?

Much of wiring or piping found in homes is made of copper. Exposure to Chinese drywall can result in nose bleeds, headaches, coughs, upper respiratory or sinus problems, rashes, and difficulty breathing. There have also been cases reported of pets dying due to exposure to Chinese drywall.

How much does it cost to fix Chinese drywall?

Many homeowners have played $30,000 to $40,000 or more to have all of the drywall replaced, as well as the wiring, A/C, and other damaged hardware in their home. Pricing can depend on the area you live in, the square footage of the home, and whether or not you need a permit to do the work.

How do you test Chinese drywall in Florida?

To see if this damage is being done, look at the copper coils on your air conditioner. Damage to these coils is an indicator that the drywall may be of Chinese origin. The smell from the corrosive gas emitted from Chinese drywall is very potent and smells similar to rotten eggs.

Do you have to disclose Chinese drywall?

Even if the home is sold “as is,” a seller by law has obligation to disclose anything that affects value of the property. There is no law a seller has to do an inspection. If something wrong surfaces, the buyer has to prove the seller knew about it. The average cost of fixing a home with drywall is about $100,000.

When did they stop using Chinese drywall?

“Chinese drywall” refers to an environmental health issue involving defective drywall manufactured in China, imported to the United States and used in residential construction between 2001 and 2009 – affecting “an estimated 100,000 homes in more than 20 states.”.

Did Home Depot sell Chinese drywall?

“When we heard about the issue, we immediately got suppliers on the phone,” a spokesperson for The Home Depot told the Palm Beach Post. “We have only three or four suppliers and they provided us with written documentation that … we have not and do not purchase Chinese-made drywall.”

Does home Depot sell Chinese drywall?

To Reassure Customers That Drywall Purchased at Their Stores Is Safe. Home Depot Inc. and Lowe’s Cos. According to The Palm Beach Post, the home improvement retailers say they have verified that none of their stores sold Chinese drywall that has recently been tied to problems in homes throughout the country.

Does homeowners insurance cover Chinese drywall?

Chinese drywall caused damage that was barred from coverage under a homeowners insurance policy because of several exclusions for (1) faulty, inadequate, or defective materials; (2) latent defects; (3) rust or corrosion; and (4) pollution.

Is it safe to live in a house with Chinese drywall?

The drywall, imported mostly between 2004-08, smells foul and emits sulfur compounds that corrode air conditioning coils, electrical wiring, metal appliances, electronics, jewelry and plumbing fixtures. Residents with the drywall complain of health issues from nosebleeds to respiratory problems.

What is the problem with Chinese drywall?

Health problems that may be caused by contaminated Chinese drywall include: irritated and itchy eyes and skin difficulty in breathing persistent cough bloody nose runny nose recurrent headaches sore throats sinus infections, and asthma attacks.

Does your home contain Chinese drywall?

If you suspect that you have Chinese drywall in your home, you should have it tested. You’ll need to find a reputable inspector to confirm that it is the contaminated Chinese drywall. If you do have Chinese drywall, it should also be reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

When was Chinese drywall used in Florida?

The use of Chinese drywall in Florida homes and buildings occurred between 2004 and 2006, during the housing boom. At the center of the drywall problems in Florida is Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co. Ltd of China, a subsidiary of German-based manufacturer Knauf, though there are reports of other companies that may be equally responsible.

How do you test for Chinese drywall?

Chinese Drywall Test Package. 1. Elemental Sulfur Test for Chinese Drywall. A scientist prepares the GC/MS for testing Chinese drywall samples for the presence of elemental sulfur. The drywall in question contains a naturally occurring allotrope of elemental sulfur— orthorhombic cyclooctasulfur (S8).