How much does Scanner Pro cost?

Scanner Pro is now free for everyone, although there are some limitations in place. Everyone will get the following as part of the free app. Those who pay the $19.99 per year for Scanner Pro Plus also get: Watermark free scans.

How much does scanner app cost?

Unlike other apps, Scanner Pro saves the original document that you scanned. This means you can always go back and reverse the edit changes or annotations you made. * Current Scanner Pro PLUS subscription price starts at 19.99/year with a 7-day trial.

Is Scanner Pro a one time purchase?

They remain free for you forever. All the new Scanner Pro features added in version 8 and mentioned in this article are also free for you. These include the modern new design, Text Vision, and full-text search. However, some of the new capabilities we’re going to add in the future might require a subscription.

What are the disadvantages of OCR?

Disadvantages of Optical character Reader (OCR) :

  • OCR text works efficiently with the printed text only and not with handwritten text.
  • OCR systems are expensive.
  • There is the need of lot of space required by the image produced.
  • The quality of the image can be lose during this process.

How do I scan a document using OCR?

Scan & OCR

  1. Select Scan & OCR from the Tools center or right-hand pane.
  2. Select a file.
  3. Choose Scanned Document or Camera Image to enhance the document.
  4. Select Enhance to clean up the image.
  5. Select Recognize Text to manually recognize text on image files.

Why is OCR so expensive?

The reason is simple: the Total Cost of Ownership of an OCR project is huge. We will navigate step by step in the cost breakdown. The cost depicted below are an annual average. This means that considering a life span of 4 year, the percentages depicted below are the annual contribution of each item.