Is Alice in Chains better than Nirvana?

Alice In Chains has been highly underrated in comparison to Nirvana. But their lyrics were much better than Nirvana. No doubt, Kurt Cobain gave a chilling performance. But, no one comes close to Layne Staley ( I guess only, Chris Cornell).

Is Alice in Chains a good band?

Alice in Chains are world famous and very successful. They are considered one of the best and most popular bands of the 90’s. They still release very good, critically acclaimed and successful albums.

Is Alice in Chains still popular?

Alice in Chains have sold over 30 million records worldwide, and over 14 million records in the US alone. The band has had 18 Top 10 songs on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, 5 No. 1 hits, and received 11 Grammy Award nominations.

Is Alice in Chains the best grunge band?

“Because Alice in Chains, to me, is one of the greatest rock bands that ever was. Alice in Chains are one of the two “Big Four” grunge bands that still perform today, the other being Pearl Jam.

Who sold more records Nirvana or Alice in Chains?

Seattle-based bands like Pearl Jam (32 million records sold), Nirvana (75 million), Alice in Chains (20 million) and Soundgarden (22.5 million) became some of the most popular rock acts of the 1990s and beyond.

Is Alice in Chains underrated?

“Alice In Chains are the most underrated grunge band ever – Nirvana somehow overtook them in terms of popularity. They’re some of the best musicians I’ve ever heard; they took blues, grunge and a little bit of Led Zeppelin and made these mind-blowing songs.

Who is the greatest grunge band?

The best grunge bands of all time

  • Smashing Pumpkins. Billy Corgan and co became famous for their melodic melancholia.
  • Soundgarden.
  • Pearl Jam.
  • Nirvana.
  • Mother Love Bone.
  • Hole.
  • Dinosaur Jr.
  • Screaming Trees.

Is Green Day considered grunge?

No. Green Day are a pop punk band that originally came from the LA punk scene in the late 80s/early 90s. Grunge formed around that similar period but musically it was more experimental than punk.

How many albums does Alice in Chains have?

The discography of Alice in Chains, a Seattle-based rock band, consists of six studio albums, three extended plays (EP), three live albums, five compilations, two DVDs, 44 music videos, and 32 singles (as of September 2019).. Alice in Chains was formed in 1987 by guitarist Jerry Cantrell and drummer Sean Kinney, who then recruited bassist Mike Starr and singer Layne Staley.

How many albums has Alice in Chains sold worldwide?

Alice in Chains has sold over 14 million records in the United States, and over 30 million records worldwide, released two number-one albums, had 23 top 40 singles, and has received eleven Grammy Award nominations. The band was ranked number 34 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.

What was Alice in Chains first album?

When Alice in Chains ‘ debut album, Facelift, was released in 1990, about a year before Nirvana ‘s Nevermind, the thriving Seattle scene barely registered on the national musical radar outside of underground circles (although Soundgarden ‘s major-label debut, Louder Than Love, was also released that year and brought them a Grammy nomination).

Is Alice in Chains considered a metal band?

Alice in Chains is sometimes thought of as a heavy metal band, but is mostly considered a grunge band. The band’s first lead singer, Layne Staley, became addicted to drugs.