Is Brooks Ayers still married?

During the BravoCon conversation, Gunvalson also brought up Ayers’ wife Christy Groves, whom he married in March 2018. He and Gunvalson broke up in July 2015 while season 10 of the reality show was still airing. “He got remarried — I think she has money,” the reality star said on Saturday.

Did Vicki ever Sue Brooks?

Following their breakup years ago, Gunvalson filed a lawsuit against Ayers and during her chat with Hollywood Life days ago, the former reality star explained why she did so. ”I filed a lawsuit against him about eight months ago for all the money he owes me. He’ll have his day in court.

Who is Brooks Ayers married to now?

Kim Ayers
Brooks Ayers/Spouse

What is Brooke Ayers doing now?

She has also permanently left RHOC after 14 years. As for her post-RHOC plans, she recently revealed that she purchased a vacation/retirement home in Puerto Vallarta. And she’s been plugging her podcast (Whoop It Up With Vicki) like crazy.

Where does Brooks Ayers live now?

Per reality gossip site Tamara Tattles , Ayers and Lindeman reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. He’s currently employed as a medical sales rep, while she holds a sales director title for a tire company. The couple share a love of dogs and Mississippi State football.

Is Vicki Gunvalson filing a lawsuit against ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers?

The Real Housewives of Orange County ‘s Vicki Gunvalson is taking ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers to court. Vicki Gunvalson has reportedly filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers.

What happened to Vicki’s relationship with Brooks on ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’?

Viewers took a long and painful journey while Vicki was involved with Brooks. The man was responsible for quite possibly the most devious scandal in Housewives history, and Vicki stood by his side every step of the way. During Victim and Brooks’ courtship, Vicki managed to lose fans, friends, and her dignity.

Who is David Brooks’s wife?

In March of 2018, Page Six reported that Brooks had gotten married to Christy Groves Lindeman, a sales director for a tire company. Brooks said he began dating Christy in November of 2016, and their life together appears to be markedly different from Brooks’ relationship with Vicki.

What happened to brobrooks after Vicki’s lawsuit?

Brooks was served in May of 2019, but he has not responded to the lawsuit at all yet. Vicki had sued Brooks for breach of written agreement, breach of verbal agreement, and fraud.