Is Läderach chocolate good?

Läderach is one of the best selling chocolates in Switzerland. They also offer amazing selections to take away as gifts and souvenirs. The only downside is Läderach is relatively expensive but you won’t regret its heavenly taste.

How do you pronounce Läderach chocolate?

Läderach (pronounced Lae-der-ackh) is a family-owned Swiss chocolate company, started only three generations back, which has made a name for itself because of its premium quality. The company is famous for its meticulously made chocolates which are 100% authentic and fresh.

What is FrischSchoggi?

While FrischSchoggi literally means “fresh chocolate” and is used in all Läderach products, the use that appeals to me most – more than a decade on – is in what I think of as barks. The other FrischSchoggi I purchased was the milk chocolate/Honey croquant and again it did not disappoint, in the same way.

Does Läderach chocolate have eggs?

Yes, some of our Läderach products contain eggs as a main ingredient. Some of our products do not use egg as in ingredient, but may contain traces of eggs as all our products are made in the same area. Kindly refer to the ingredients list for products you are interested in.

Is Laderach Germany?

Läderach – chocolatier suisse brings you fresh, artisanal chocolate from Switzerland. Läderach’s signature product, FrischSchoggi™ (“Fresh Chocolate” in Swiss German) comes in over 20 delicious varieties, including milk and dark chocolate with whole roasted nuts and dried fruit. …

What is the meaning of Laderach?

Läderach is a Swiss chocolate manufacturer based in Ennenda (Glarus). It was founded in 1962 in Glarus by Rudolf Läderach (1929–2013). His patent for the process of manufacturing hollow, ready-made chocolate truffles revolutionized the fine chocolate industry.

What is Laderach famous for?

Läderach is most famous for our delicious large slabs of FrischSchoggi (Fresh Chocolate), handcrafted without additives or preservatives by our artisans in Switzerland.

How expensive is Laderach chocolate?

That indulgence is gonna cost you $119 for a kilo, or in American terms $54/pound, or more than twice the price of See’s chocolates. Or roughly $1.50 per a chocolate(smaller than See’s). The quality is good, pretty darn good!

How do I store Läderach?

1. How should I store my chocolates? Chocolates should be stored in a cool, dry place ideally between 16 to 18 degrees celsius and with a humidity of 50-60%. You may keep your chocolates in a wine chiller or a conventional fridge.