Is Peugeot 3008 Fast?

With 266lb ft of torque it can get the 3008 from 0-62mph in 8.9 seconds and feels as quick as you’d ever need.

Are Peugeot 3008 automatics reliable?

Reliability survey. Petrol 3008s were in 16th place out of 25 cars, while diesel examples were in 17th. Peugeot as a brand didn’t do quite so well, finishing 25th out of 31 brands.

Does Peugeot 3008 have Turbo?

On the motorway this is particularly evident, and the 3008 is particularly hushed and cruises smoothly when fitted with the quiet 1.2 PureTech turbo petrol engine.

Is the Peugeot 3008 Good on fuel?

Peugeot offers frugal petrol, diesel and hybrid engines for the 3008. The 128bhp 1.5 BlueHDi diesel with the eight-speed auto ‘box manages up to 56.3mpg with 135g/km of CO2 emissions, with the manual version just slightly less efficient.

What accessories are available for my Peugeot 3008?

Please select your vehicle above to view our range of Peugeot 3008 accessories and parts including wing mirrors, wing mirror glass and covers, front and rear wiper blades, brake pads and discs, filters and more.

How much does a fully electric Peugeot 3008 cost?

Its more relevant stats are 29g/km of CO2 emissions and 36 miles of fully electric range, mind. The 3008 range starts at around £27,000 for an Active Premium-spec car in traditional old petrol manual setup, rising to over £47,000 if you want a bells, whistles and kitchen sink Hybrid4. Yep, an almost £50k Peugeot… What’s the verdict?

Which plug-in hybrid should you buy for your 3008?

Keeping the 3008 extremely on point, though, is a pair of plug-in hybrids. There’s a front-driven version, possessing 222bhp, but of more interest is the four-wheel-drive Hybrid4 300 with its 296bhp of total output – basically Golf R power. Its more relevant stats are 29g/km of CO2 emissions and 36 miles of fully electric range, mind.

How does the Peugeot 3008 compare to the 308?

The 3008 makes its extra size and height feel genuinely useful, though, and with its surprisingly low kerb weight and lithe handling, it’s not hamstrung by its additional heft over a Peugeot 308. As a significantly newer fangled car, it offers so much more than a 308, in fact; its interior and wealth of tech are particular highlights.