What is weón?

This is used in Chile and was propagated among other countries in South America due to the internet and social networks. Meanings: Weón 1) dude, bro, man 2) a person, a man, an unknown 3) jerk, asshole, stupid. Weá 1) a thing in general 2) an annoying thing or situation, something that is unpleasant, crap, shit.

Who is levleon?

LEON is advertised as a “virtual male soul vocalist modeled on a real professional singer”; his voice provider has never been revealed, but was described officially as “Black and English” and is a well established musician in Great Britain.

What is the difference between Weon and Wey in Mexican?

Encontré esa weá muy fome, weón, no me gustó la película… In Mexico we don’t use weon / webon, instead we use wey.