Is there Matte photo paper?

Matte photo paper is an industry term used to describe a whole host of Inkjet high-resolution matte papers. These papers usually range from 90gsm for the day-by-day use to examples over 200gsm and are available as a single or double-sided printable paper.

What side do you print on matte photo paper?

The aim is to make the printing side as white as possible and if you compare both sides, one normally will be brighter and whiter than the other. On matt coated paper, the printing side is likely to be smoother and slightly chalkier than the uncoated side. It will also be a little whiter.

Is Canon matte photo paper acid free?

Hi. Yes, the Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte is acid free. The Canon USA Manufacturer answered this question below as “Yes, it is acid free”.

Does Canon Selphy need special paper?

Use only dedicated paper. Regular printing paper, regular postcards, or paper specified for use in SELPHY ES series printers cannot be used. The paper and ink are sold only in sets and they cannot be purchased separately.

What paper can you use with Canon Selphy?

Your SELPHY CP1300 can use a variety of genuine Canon color ink and paper sets in card size (2.1″ x 3.4″) and postcard size (4″ x 6″). Compatible sets include KC-18IF, KC-18IL, KC-36IP, KP-36IP, KP-108IN, RP-54, and RP-108. We hope this helps!

What is matte paper best for?

For photos which will be regularly handled or moved, matte paper is preferable because it’s more robust. Not only is it less sensitive when it comes to fingerprints, it’s also more resistant to light. Matte paper is particularly suited to photo books which are viewed, passed around and handled by hand.

Do you put photo paper face up or down?

Place your photo paper in the tray with the glossy or printable side facing down. Hold the paper by the edges to avoid fingerprints on the glossy surface.

Can you print on both sides of photo paper?

You can obviously print on either side of paper that is sold as double sided. Matt coated papers will give you a sharp result on the coated side and will take a low resolution print on the uncoated side if needed. Happy Printing.

Is Canon matte photo paper archival?

This is an acid-free paper suitable for archival prints and image longevity. The very smooth and silky surface lends itself to high-color consistency and gamut making it ideal for profound photographic prints and fine art reproductions. This 305 gsm media is available in 24, 36, 44 and 60-inch roll sizes.

How much does the Canon photo paper PRO premium matte weigh?

Aside from texture, weight also has some impact on the feel of the print in the hand. The Canon Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte weighs in at 210 GSM (56 lbs.). This actually makes the paper lighter than the Canon Pro Platinum (300 GSM) and Pro Luster (260 GSM) papers by a slight margin.

Is the mp-101 paper archival?

There’s virtually no information out there about the archival qualities of the very inexpensive papers such as the MP-101. This is doubly the case when those papers are printed with dye inks such as your Pixma Pro 100, or my Pixma Pro 9000 mark II.

What is the difference between Canon photo paper pro luster and platinum?

Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster provides an increased color gamut, better black detail, and higher resolutions than the Pro Premium Matte, and does so without all of the glare issues imposed by the Platinum paper. This paper is good for situations where you want to resolve more color and detail while still not having a high gloss sheen.

What is the best wide gamut Canon photo paper?

Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinumis Canon’s ultimate solution for high resolution wide gamut printing. Though the cost of that is the high gloss surface and the reflections it can bring. When you need every detail and every possible color, this is likely what you want.