What is a special pay rate?

Special rates are salaries that are paid in occupations and in locations that are deemed highly competitive and difficult for the government to recruit and retain employees. Special rate adjustments generally amount to several percent of salary.

Will there be a federal pay raise in 2021?

The 2.7% average raise marks an increase from the 1% increase feds received at the beginning of 2021. That raise also included no locality pay boost. Biden’s pay raise also restores pay parity between civilian and military personnel. But it remains smaller than the 3.1% raise federal employees got in 2020.

What is the maximum annual pay a VA employee can receive?

The pay cap was $170,800 last year and $166,500 in 2019.

What is the highest paying federal job?

Top 100 Federal Occupations in 2020

Rank Occupation Title Highest Paid Individual
1 Medical Officer $464,227
2 Medical Officer $464,227
3 Securities Compliance Examiner $253,300
4 Securities Compliance Examiner $253,300

Who prepared the revised pay scale 2015 chart?

This revised pay scale 2015 chart has been prepared by. Mr. Muhammad Afzal Khan Bhatti. The said chart shows the Revised Pay Scales 2015 ChartAlong with detail of Increase in Salary. This chart shows the increase in Medical Allowance for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-15.

Is chart of pay scales 2015 fixed point to point?

Chart of Pay Scales 2015 has been issued. The pay will be fixed point to point according to the Notification. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript!

What is the basic salary of 14th scale educators of 2012?

Mam can u tell me the basic salary of 14th scale educators of 2012? Now the basic salary is 9830. Is annual increment also revised with basic pay? Reply dr toqeer ahmedJuly 11, 2015 at 11:09 amĀ· Edit if a person opts for old scales , even then all the allowances like health allowance will be freezed? Reply

What is the pay fixation for bps-14 in 2015?

Dear Arsalan there are two possibilities for ur pay fixation: 1st One Pay on 30-06-2015 Rs. 8610/- BPS-14 Pay on 01-07-2015 Rs. 12795/- BPS-15 & Pay Scale Revised Pay on 01-12-2015 Rs. 13700/- Annual Increment 2nd One Pay on 30-11-2015 Rs. 11130- BPS-14 Pay on 01-12-2015 Rs. 11920/- BPS-14 Annual Increment Pay on 02-12-2015 Rs. 13700/-