What is ActiveRecord in yii?

Active Record automatically maintains the list of dirty attributes. It does so by maintaining an older version of the attribute values and comparing them with the latest one. You can call yii\db\ActiveRecord::getDirtyAttributes() to get the attributes that are currently dirty.

What is ActiveRecord in PHP?

Active record is an approach to access data in a database. A database table or view is wrapped into a class, thus an object instance is tied to a single row in the table. After creation of an object, a new row is added to the table upon save.

What is ORM in yii2?

The ActiveRecord class in Yii provides an object oriented interface (aka ORM) for accessing database stored data. Similar structures can be found in most modern frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Smyfony and Ruby.

Is ActiveRecord an ORM?

Object Relational Mapping is a way to manage database data by “mapping” database tables to classes and instances of classes to rows in those tables. Active Record is just one of such ORMs, others include: Sequel. DataMapper.

What is the purpose of Active Record?

Active Record facilitates the creation and use of business objects whose data requires persistent storage to a database. It is an implementation of the Active Record pattern which itself is a description of an Object Relational Mapping system.

What is ActiveRecord?

Active records are documents still referred to frequently during the course of business. Active records are referenced at least once a month, and are usually maintained in a readily-accessible spot in the office space or office systems.

What is the difference between ActiveRecord and Data Mapper?

The biggest difference between the data mapper pattern and the active record pattern is that the data mapper is meant to be a layer between the actual business domain of your application and the database that persists its data.

What is an ActiveRecord relation?

Having queries return an ActiveRecord::Relation object allows us to chain queries together and this Relation class is at the heart of the new query syntax. This class contains the methods that we use in the new query syntax: includes , select , group , order , joins and so on.

What is non active records?

Active records are documents which are still actively being used by an office. They are usually referenced frequently and conveniently located within the office. Inactive records are documents that are no longer referenced on a regular basis and tend to be stored in a less accessible location.

What are the examples of active records?

Active records are those in which the person on the record has had some sort of dealings with the business fairly recently. For example, if you went to the dentist last week or even a few months ago, then your record would be considered active.