What is Hellenism?

Hellenism is the term used to describe the influence of Greek culture on the peoples the Greek and Roman Empires conquered or interacted with. Upon the Jews’ return from exile in Babylon, they endeavored to protect their national identity by following the law closely.

What is Hellenic polytheism?

More broadly, Hellenic Polytheism describes groups, and individuals who “reinterpret and reinvent ancient Greek religious practices and identities.”

Why is papyrology important in the study of Hellenism?

Papyrology is especially relevant to the study of the Hellenistic period because a considerable portion of the papyri discovered in Egypt belongs to the last three centuries B.C.E. However, a knowledge of the political history of Hellenism is hampered by the fragmentary nature of the surviving sources.

How did Hellenism influence the early church?

Hellenism also expressed itself in minor ways, such as Saul taking the name Paul. Hellenism had a great influence during the early years of Christianity. Sometimes the influence was felt indirectly (safe roads for the missionaries) and sometimes directly (theological synergism).