What is josephjosephine?

Josephine is a free-verse biographical poem that pulls its inspiration from the life of a fascinating performer and civil rights pioneer. Josephine Baker grew up in the shantytowns of St. Louis, often considered the home of ragtime music. At only 13, she left home to travel with a dance troupe, honing her silly on-stage persona and earning pennies.

What are some of the best Lampara books?

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What is the Josephine B trilogy?

The Josephine B. Trilogy comprises three acclaimed, bestselling novels that draw the reader into the delicate yet passionate relationship between Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte: The Many Lives & Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.; Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe; and The Last Great Dance on Earth.

What is the story of Josephine written about?

They begin with Josephine as a young girl on the Island of Martinico and take the reader all the way through the Reign of Terror, Napoleons rise to power, his exile, and eventually the death of Josephine. There are tons of fascinating characters and all the stories are so fascinating from the prospective of Josephine.