What numbers come after octillion?

These numbers are quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, and decillion. Take a look below to know what comes after a trillion.

Is quintillion or quadrillion more?

For example, a billion is a 1 with nine zeros after it or: 1,000,000,000. Trillion, the next number, is a 1 with twelve zeros after it, or: 1,000,000,000,000….Names of Large Numbers.

Name Number
Billion 1 x 10 9
Trillion 1 x 10 12
Quadrillion 1 x 10 15
Quintillion 1 x 10 18

How many trillions are in a quintillion?

What Exactly Is a Billion?

Number Short Scale Long Scale
1012 one trillion one billion
1015 one quadrillion one thousand billion
1018 one quintillion one trillion
1021 one sextillion one thousand trillion

When will I know if I won the Illinois Lottery?

Check back for updated results just after the draw every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:22 pm CT. Check your ticket and find out if you’re an Illinois Lottery winner. Click the “Prize Payout” link to view a breakdown of the prize amount per winner on each tier, number of winners, and the total prize fund value.

When was the first Illinois Lottery ticket sold?

The Illinois Lottery began operating on July 1, 1974 as part of the Illinois Department of Revenue with Ralph Batch as its Superintendent. One month later, the first Lottery tickets — they cost 50 cents — went on sale at some 7,000 retailer locations statewide.

What is the biggest lottery game in Illinois?

The state’s biggest individual game is the Illinois (IL) Lotto, which was first introduced in February, 1983 and rewards winners with a guaranteed jackpot of at least $2 million, provided they’ve matched all six winning numbers on their ticket. Like other states, Illinois also runs daily picks in the form of the Daily 3,…

Who was the first million dollar lottery winner in Illinois?

Just two months later, the Illinois Lottery turned Irene Halley into its first million dollar winner. Then, in December of the same year, the lottery launched, sold its 100millionth ticket and a year later (in 1975), the state introduced its first instant style lottery games.