Why is my coffee machine not pumping water?

When your coffee maker stops pumping water, the appliance probably needs to be descaled. Hard water build-up may be affecting your coffee machine’s ability to pump water through it to make coffee. Simply run a descaling cycle to clear the build-up.

What do the buttons on the verismo mean?

Aside from the power button on top, the has just three buttons, one for each type of Verismo Pod. The black cup button is for coffee, the white cup is for milk, and the little cup is for espresso. You don’t get much simpler or more intuitive than that. You’re even locked in with the milk pods.

Why is my Keurig brew button blinking red?

Under normal operation, the Brew Button will flash red when the brewer is heating and will turn solid red when brewing. If the Brew Button flashes red longer than 3 minutes, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-901-BREW (2739).

Does verismo use K cups?

All K-fee® pods are compatible with the Starbucks® Verismo®* system and can be used to brew your next cup of coffee or espresso.

What is the milk button for in Verismo machine?

Also new is the Verismo® Milk Frother which allows you to froth your favorite milk and craft Starbucks beverages with hot or cold frothed milk. Watch this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make coffee and espresso with your Verismo V Brewer .

Will Nespresso pods fit verismo?

There are no Nespresso pods that are compatible with Verismo models. Nespresso capsules are different from the Verismo coffee pods and trying to use them in your Starbucks single-serve coffee maker will not bear any fruit. The same is true for Keurig K-cups.

Who sells verismo pods?

While the Verismo pods are the best bet for their models, Starbucks does not manufacture them. The pods are manufactured by a company called K-Fee. You can buy K-Fee coffee pods (Mr and Mrs Mill is a sub-brand of K-Fee) from their company website or simply on amazon. These pods are compatible with Starbucks and are safe to use.

Are verismo pods Nespresso compatible?

Starbucks recently started making Nespresso compatible pods this summer, so if your box says that they are Nespresso compatible, go for it. Older pods were made exclusively for the Verismo machines, and as such, it’s not a good idea to try to use those in a Nespresso. The incompatible fit can cause damage to your machine or even injury to yourself.

Is Starbucks Verismo discontinued?

The Thermoplan Verismo 801 is the original Thermoplan machine built for Starbucks back in about 1998. Since these 801’s were machines exclusively built for Starbucks, and Starbucks has discontinued support for these machines almost 10 years, these machines have no support in America.