Why was baby face censored?

The initial cut of Baby Face (1933) was so suggestive that it was rejected by the New York State Censorship Board in April of 1933. The plot focused upon Lily’s use of sex to advance her career, though all sex is purely implied.

What is the movie Baby Face about?

This film follows the sexual escapades of Lily Powers (Barbara Stanwyck), the beautiful daughter of a speakeasy owner. Lily’s dreary life in Pennsylvania takes a sudden turn when her father is killed in an accident. Unmoved by her father’s death, Lily, along with friend Chico (Theresa Harris), jumps on a freight train and seduces a worker to avoid being arrested. Now in New York City, Lily uses her beauty and sexual prowess to seduce a string of successful men as she works her way to the top.
Baby Face/Film synopsis

Who wrote the screenplay for baby face?

Kathryn Scola
Gene Markey
Baby Face/Screenplay

How does the movie Baby Face end?

She moves from the tacky bar in Pennsylvania in which she grew up to cheap rooms in New York. While Lily is working, she is shown incongruously living in more palatial apartment with a stunning staircase, maid (her friend Chico) and butler, and ends the film as a married woman living in the company penthouse.

What does it mean to have a baby face?

1 : a usually rounded face that gives the impression of extreme youth and innocence.

Is baby face attractive?

For a start, there’s a ton of evidence that babyfaces are attractive to humans, so perhaps ancestors with the supermodel look had more suitors and more children (sexual selection). This is backed up by the fact that babyfaces are especially attractive in women – and women tend to be more baby-faced than men.

Do baby faces age well?

Your baby face makes you look younger than you really are, and that can make social interacts more complicated. Plus, you’ll likely age more gracefully than women who don’t have a baby face.