Can you defer enrollment after acceptance?

Some students may decide to defer their enrollment for a year (or even two) after they have been accepted. Essentially, however, once a student has been accepted to a school, and paid the required deposit, he may request to defer or delay his enrollment.

Is a gap year a bad idea?

Why it’s okay: You’ll learn a ton about yourself. And being in new situations will help you learn a ton about yourself. By the end of your gap year, you’ll know how you are in a crisis or the best way for you to relax after a long day. Being on your own might be a little scary, but it’s not a totally bad thing.

Will colleges allow gap years?

A gap year is a year you take off from your studies, typically between high school graduation and college matriculation. You could spend the year working at an internship, traveling the country, or volunteering overseas. However, not every college allows you to take a gap year.

Should I defer my college admission?

Deferring college just to sit at home and do nothing is just not worth it. Different colleges handle this differently so you need to ask. Some colleges hold scholarships and financial aid for students who defer their college admission but not all do. Some may hold the merit scholarship but not the need-based aid.

Why is gap year a good idea?

Why Gap Years Are Good Some students say they return from a gap year even more enthusiastic about starting their college journey. You’ll get time to prep for college: Some students benefit from an extra year to develop the maturity and independence required to succeed at top universities.

Can you defer an acceptance?

Colleges vary in their deferral policies: some have a policy of granting a yearlong deferral of admission upon request almost automatically, while others review requests individually and approve them based on a consideration of their merit.

Is it too late to defer college?

If your school is pushing ahead with in-person classes and you don’t want to go back to campus yet–or you have any other reason under the sun you want to delay your studies—it’s not too late to defer, explained Kevin Walker, CEO of

What is defer acceptance?

What Is Deferred Admission? The National Association for College Admission Counseling describes deferred admission as “an opportunity for a student who has been admitted to delay or defer enrollment for a year or a semester.”

Can you defer scholarships?

Students may not enroll full-time at another college or university during their deferral period. When a student defers enrollment, they can keep and defer merit and/or competitive scholarship awards. When a student defers enrollment, they can keep and defer needs-based scholarship awards.