Do Saints Row 1 have achievements?

There are 43 Achievements in Saints Row, with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points.

Does Saints Row 3 remastered have achievements?

Full list of all 79 Saints Row: The Third Remastered achievements worth 1,290 gamerscore. Complete ‘When Good Heists…’.

Is Saints Row based on a true story?

The series follows the 3rd Street Saints, a fictional street gang originally operating out of the Saint’s Row district, hence the series’ title. The first four games in the Saints Row series were set primarily in two fictional locales—Stilwater and Steelport—which are loosely based on real American cities.

Where are the hitman targets in Saints Row?

In Saints Row, targets are randomly spawning Civilians who must be killed with a certain weapon….

  1. Airport (Day: 40%, Night: 30%)
  2. Barrio (Day: 15%)
  3. Chinatown (Day: 15%)
  4. Downtown (Day: 15%)
  5. Projects (Day: 15%)
  6. Red Light (Day: 15%)
  7. Saint’s Row (Day: 15%)
  8. Truck Yard (Day: 10%)

Why did Saints Row change?

Nordic picked up the Saints IP and Studio and wanted them to get something out quick and Gat out of Hell* was made. Unlike SR4 this wasn’t billed as a “full game” and gave them away of weirdly reboot the series as… THQ imploded.

How do you get respect in Saints Row 1?

The following things will increase your respect:

  1. Killing rival gang members (10 each)
  2. Defending against a pushback (500 each)
  3. Spraying a tag (500 each)
  4. Completing the « Back To Basics » mission (500)
  5. Completing a Hostage run (variable, 250-1,000)
  6. Completing a Theft run (variable)
  7. Performing an Activity (Variable)

How many hitman lists are there in Saints Row 2?

There are five lists of hitman targets in Stilwater. There are six targets per list, and each listing contains their location and details on how to make them appear.

Is Saints Row the third?

Saints Row: The Third. Saints Row: The Third is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Volition and published by THQ . It is the third title in the Saints Row series.

What is Saints Row the third?

Saints Row is a third-person shooter that takes place in the city of Stilwater , a large sandbox environment.

Who is the creator of Saints Row?

Saints Row is a series of open world action-adventure video games created by Volition and published by Deep Silver, that tells the story of a gang called the Third Street Saints; the title comes from the name of the district of the gang’s home territory.