How do I protect my dog from the back of the couch?

The 7 Best Couch Covers for Dog Hair

  1. PureFit Couch Sofa Cover – Best Overall. Check Latest Price.
  2. Sofa Shield Pet Couch Cover – Best Value. Check Latest Price.
  3. Mambe Waterproof Couch Cover – Premium Choice.
  4. Link Shades Couch Cover.
  5. Furhaven Pet Furniture Cover.
  6. Bella Kline Reversible Sofa Cover.
  7. Gorilla Grip Couch Slip Cover.

How do you use a bedspread slipcover?

Turn your bedspread into a custom-fitted slipcover by draping it over the sofa, printed-side down, and then tailor it to the couch with straight pins. Cut off all excess fabric and sew the seams. Turn the slipcover right-side out and place it on the couch.

How can I cover my sofa with a fitted sheet?

How to Re-cover a Sofa With Sheets

  1. Measure your sofa from side to side to figure out what size sheets you need.
  2. Remove the cushions from the sofa.
  3. Cut a fitted twin sheet in half crosswise.
  4. Place a flat sheet on the seat of the sofa.
  5. Toss the excess sheet on the seat up and over the back of the sofa.

What size blanket will cover a couch?

The standard throw blanket size is 50” by 60”, though this can slightly vary.

Will a fitted sheet work as a couch cover?

You can use fitted sheets to cover the cushions since you will be cutting the fabric. If you are handy with a sewing machine or needle and thread, you can also measure the couch cushions and sew covers for them out of your sheets as you would to make a pillow from scratch.

How do you keep couch covers on the couch?

Apply rug grip strips

  1. Apply rug grip strips.
  2. Lay strips of rug grip on the couch’s seats before you put the couch cover on.
  3. Drape the cover over the couch.
  4. Drape your couch cover over the entire couch.
  5. Use a wooden spoon to remove creases.

How do you cover a sofa with a bedspread?

If you are using two bedspreads, remove the cushions from the sofa. Drape the sofa’s body with one bedspread. Place the second bedspread, printed-side down where the cushions go, with the excess tossed up over the back of the sofa. Replace the sofa cushions and bring the excess fabric forward to drape over them.

How do you measure a couch for a dog cover?

Before your couch reaches the point of no return, make a protective cover for it, so you and your dog can enjoy it together in perfect harmony. Measure the couch across the bottom cushions from the inside of one arm to the inside of the opposite arm to get the width. Add two inches to that measurement, and write it down as measurement A.

How do you Hem a polyester couch cover?

Use matching, heavy polyester thread to sew a shallow zigzag stitch for the hem all around. Press the seam with the iron, then toss the finished cover over the couch. Adjust the length of the cover in front by lining it up with the floor across the width of the couch — pulling across to cover the cushions equally on both sides.

How do you make a couch cover without sewing?

For a quick, no-sew couch cover, try using narrow, fusible bonding web to “sew” the hem.

Why do you need furniture protectors?

Safeguarding your chairs, sofas, and more, furniture protectors ward off unwanted marks, stains, and scratches, plus the wear and tear typical to a busy household. Perhaps you’re dealing with unruly kids. Maybe you’ve got pets – we know cats love to claw at the couch.