How do you use rebase?

From merge to rebase

  1. Create a new “feature” branch called `my-new-feature` from a base branch, such as `master` or `develop`
  2. Do some work and commit the changes to the feature branch.
  3. Push the feature branch to the centralized shared repo.
  4. Open a new Pull Request for `my-new-feature`

What is git stash command?

The git stash command takes your uncommitted changes (both staged and unstaged), saves them away for later use, and then reverts them from your working copy.

Is git pull rebase safe?

It is only an issue if you have only published (pushed) some of your commits, because they would be harder to merge to other repos which have already those commits. If you have not (pushed any of those commits again), any rebase should be safe.

How do I rebase a commit?

  1. Find a previous branching point of the branch to be rebased (moved) – call it old parent. In the example above that’s A.
  2. Find commit on top of which you want to move the branch to – call it new parent.
  3. You need to be on your branch (the one you move):
  4. Apply your rebase: git rebase –onto

How do I rebase git?

Git rebase interactive in the console To use git rebase in the console with a list of commits you can choose, edit or drop in the rebase: Enter git rebase -i HEAD~5 with the last number being any number of commits from the most recent backwards you want to review. In vim, press esc , then i to start editing the test.

What is non Fast forward merge?

git merge –no-ff The Git merge –no-ff command merges the specified branch into the command in the current branch and ensures performing a merge commit even when it is a fast-forward merge. It helps in record-keeping of all performed merge commands in the concerning git repo.

What is rebasing a branch?

Rebase is another way to integrate changes from one branch to another. Rebase compresses all the changes into a single “patch.” Then it integrates the patch onto the target branch. Unlike merging, rebasing flattens the history because it transfers the completed work from one branch to another.