Is IDW Zilla a Godzilla?

IDW Zilla seems to have a very aggressive personality, contrary to the other American Godzillas (except Cyber-Godzilla and Zilla who are controlled by aliens). IDW Zilla is based upon the Final Wars Zilla and therefore it is said to have no breath weapon, even though the Final Wars Zilla does have an acidic fire breath.

Is Zilla the American Godzilla still popular?

After Zilla was first introduced to the world of Godzilla in 2004 and re-introduced in 2013, fans who were previously disappointed on the American Godzilla character are increasingly changing their minds about the monster, and the amount of fans of the American Godzilla are constantly increasing.

How does Godzilla beat Zilla?

With Zilla lying on the ground, Godzilla is about to put his giant foot down on the creature’s head, but Zilla rapidly avoids the stomp attack and turns to rip up Godzilla’s leg with its claws. Godzilla then grabs Zilla’s tail with his jaws and throws him away.

Is there such a thing as a 1998 Godzilla?

Not to be confused with the American 1998 creature Godzilla or related variants prior to 2004.