What is Educare course?

What are Educare Courses all About? Educare refers to the practice of taking care of children. It simply means to educate and to care.

Are Educare courses free?

Understanding that remote training will be vital to schools over the coming months, EduCare has also made seven online CPD courses available for free.

What’s another word for educate?

Some common synonyms of educate are discipline, instruct, school, teach, and train. While all these words mean “to cause to acquire knowledge or skill,” educate implies development of the mind.

What can be used in place of obedient?

Synonyms & Antonyms of obedient

  • amenable,
  • biddable,
  • compliant,
  • conformable,
  • docile,
  • law-abiding,
  • submissive,
  • tractable.

Does intimate mean inform?

Intimate (verb = inform) is, after all, spelled like intimate (adjective = private, secret). To intimate is a rare verb meaning to inform someone privately. To inform is about 20 times more common.

What is difference between teaching and educate?

Educate means that you get taught by somebody or in some school. It is to receive knowledge. But Teach is to give knowledge to some people.

What is the concept of Educare?

Craft (1984) noted that there are two different Latin roots of the English word “education.” They are “educare,” which means to train or to mold, and “educere,” meaning to lead out. One side uses education to mean the preservation and passing down of knowledge and the shaping of youths in the image of their parents.

What is considered intimate?

What is intimacy? Intimacy is closeness between people in personal relationships. It’s what builds over time as you connect with someone, grow to care about each other, and feel more and more comfortable during your time together. It can include physical or emotional closeness, or even a mix of the two.

Who is an intimate friend?

Intimate means being close. A small restaurant is called intimate because you’re sitting close to the other people, and your best friends are considered your intimate friends. This adjective can mean very friendly, or very personal or private. Intimate is also a noun meaning a close friend or associate.

How do you use educate in a sentence?

Educate sentence example

  1. Children will educate themselves under right conditions.
  2. He constantly sought to educate his own people.
  3. It is to this end that we want to educate you
  4. I didn’t train and educate you because your grandfather or someone called me.

What is the example of educate?

To educate is defined as to teach a skill or subject, or provide with information. An example of educate is for a teacher to instruct her students in math. An example of educate is to explain the details of choosing a good wine.

What is intimate example?

Intimate is defined as someone who is very close to you. An example of intimate is a friend to whom you tell your feelings. The definition of intimate is private or personal things or feelings.

What is the meaning of intimate?

intimate adjective (PERSONAL) being a close, personal friend, or having a close, personal relationship: an intimate friend. An intimate relationship can also refer to a romantic relationship: They had been good friends, but they had never in any way been intimate.

How do you use educate?

2to teach someone about something or how to do something educate somebody (in/on something) Children need to be educated on the dangers of taking drugs. educate somebody to do something The campaign is intended to educate the public to respect the environment.

What is educate in Latin?

From Latin educatus, past participle of educare (“to “bring up or rise up or train or mould or nourish” (a child, physically or mentally), rear, educate, train (a person in learning or art), nourish, support, or produce (plants or animals)”), frequentative of educere, past participle eductus (“to “bring out or lead out …

What is the root of educate?

To educate is to teach, train, or inform someone. It comes from the Latin word educare meaning to “bring up, rear.” In the 1500s, Shakespeare borrowed it to mean “schooling.” These days, any time you’re in a classroom listening to a lecture, reading a book, or speaking with a teacher, you’re being educated.

What part of speech is educate?


part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: educates, educating, educated

How long do Educare certificates last?

12 months

What can be used in place of inform?

other words for inform

  • apprise.
  • brief.
  • caution.
  • educate.
  • instruct.
  • notify.
  • update.
  • warn.