What is the meaning of Festa Junina?

Festa Junina is the term used to describe the traditional festivities that happen at the beginning of the Brazilian winter in June. It is a month to commemorate some of the most famous saints for Catholics; namely Saint Anthony, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Peter.

What is June Brazilian party?

Festa Junina or Junina party is one of the best loved celebrations in Brazil. It is a catholic celebration where people prepare bazaars in honor of three saints, namely; Saint Anthony, on June 13th; Saint John, on June 24th and Saint Peter, on June 29th. That’s why we call it the June Festival.

What does Festa mean?

Definition of festa : celebration specifically : an annual local celebration in Italy of the day of the patron saint.

Why is Festa Junina important?

Festa Junina, or the so-called Festa de São João holiday, is a Brazilian harvest festival, adopted from European Midsummer celebrations. This national tradition celebrates the end of the rainy seasons, the rural life, and the beginning of harvest. Brazilians celebrate this unique festival for the whole month of June.

What do they wear on Christmas in Brazil?

Papai Noel as he is known in Brazil is believed to come on Christmas Eve with presents for the children and lives in the North Pole. Some believe he wears silk to keep him cool in Brazil’s hot climate, but most believe he uses thick red and white robes.

Why is it Sao Joao festival?

Thus, the Sao Joao Festival is celebrated to commemorate the leaping of John the Baptist. Moreover, Jesus was baptized by St John the Baptist in the Jordan River. And in fact, this could be the reason why the Sao Joao Festival is celebrated exactly 6 months before Jesus ‘ birthday – 25th December.

What is a festa in Kpop?

BTS Festa is an event where BTS celebrate their debut anniversary with ARMY. The annual celebration includes many gifts, like new pictures, funny profiles, video content, special songs, radio programs, and more. This celebration takes place for 10-14 days starting from either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th of June.