Where are Wiseco Pistons made?

They are mainly manufactured in Japan by reputable Original Equipment Manufacturers to ProX’s exact specifications and high quality standards. ProX leads the industry in cast and forged pistons made specifically to replace OEM parts. Wiseco is now your One Name.

Is Wiseco better than OEM?

The Wiseco piston is lighter than the OEM part which will give you better throttle response. The Wiseco piston is also Electra Coated which protects the wrist pin and piston rings from premature failure and adds performance over a non coated part. You can run the Wiseco piston on standard pump fuel just like the OEM.

What is Ovality of abore?

Answer: Ovality is necessary for the piston to move up and down in the cylinder bore, as the crankshaft and connecting rod try to force the piston upward, and combustion forces the piston downward, ovality allows the piston to move without binding in the round cylinder bore.”

Do Wiseco pistons add power?

For example, the OEM Honda CRF450 piston’s compression ratio is 12.5:1, which is fine for general riding applications. Wiseco pistons can withstand higher compressions because they’re forged stronger, and can cope with the additional power and stress generated from a race-tuned engine.

Are pistons perfectly round?

To allow the piston to move freely with this sidelong force, the piston cannot be perfectly round, or it would bind in the round cylinder bore. By applying ovality to the piston, the piston is free to move up and down as needed.

What is the difference between taper and ovality?

As nouns the difference between ovality and taper is that ovality is (engineering) a measurement of deviation from circularity of an oval or approximately elliptical shape while taper is a slender wax candle; a small lighted wax candle; hence, a small light or taper can be (weaving) one who operates a tape machine.