Where is Perkins and Will based?

Chicago, Illinois
Perkins and Will

Type Private company
Founder Lawrence Perkins and Philip Will
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Number of employees 2,600
Website perkinswill.com

Where is Perkins headquarters?

Chicago, IL
Perkins and Will/Headquarters

How many offices does Perkins and Will have?

24 global offices
Perkins+Will is one of the largest architecture firms in the world, with 24 global offices and 2,000 employees.

How do I contact Perkins and Will?

Perkins and Will

  1. 410 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 1600, Chicago, Illinois, 60611, United States.
  2. (312) 755-0770.
  3. www.perkinswill.com.
  4. 2,600.
  5. $495 Million.

Will Architect Your Home made perfect?

You’ll be able to catch up with Will in the return of the BBC Two ground-breaking property makeover series Your Home Made Perfect starting next week. Will, 46, is one of six cutting edge architects who will be transforming problematic homes on a budget into dream home using the magic of virtual reality.

What do Perkins and Will do?

Perkins and Will The design and planning of women’s and children’s health facilities, play an integral role in young patients’ healing experiences.

How many employees at Perkins and Will?

Perkins and Will/Number of employees

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