Who was Kim in Edward Scissorhands?

Winona Ryder
Edward Scissorhands (1990) – Winona Ryder as Kim – IMDb.

How old is Kim from Edward Scissorhands?

When she first was featured in Edward Scissorhands, she was just 19 years old. Depp was 27. All in all, this makes Ryder 24 years older than Chalamet — almost twice his age.

Who does Kim end up with in Edward Scissorhands?

Then, Edward runs to the mansion which he was created in. Later, Kim follows him. Then, they confess their love for each other, only to be interupted by Jim who has a gun, attempts to shoot Edward and assult Kim. Then, Edward stabs Jim and throws him out the mansion to his death.

How did they make Winona Ryder look old in Edward Scissorhands?

(TCF, 1990) Winona Ryder is “Kim”, love interest of “Edward” (Johnny Depp) in Tim Burton’s most personal film Edward Scissorhands. foam latex test prosthetic makeup applied to a polyfoam bust of Winona Ryder. The appliances extend from the face and back of head to below the shoulders.

Who plays the Grandma in Edward Scissorhands?

O-Lan Jones was cast alongside some sharp stars in the dark film including Dianne Wiest, as the cosmetics salesperson and companion, Pegg Boggs, Winona Ryder, as the high school crush turned granny, Kim Boggs and of course Johnny Depp, as the man-made artist, Edward Scissorhands.

Who is the Grandma in Edward Scissorhands?

And he lived on his own until one day, a lady called Peg Boggs (Dianne Wiest) finds him and decides to bring him back to her house in the village.

How old was Johnny Depp when he filmed Edward Scissorhands?

Winona Ryder was nineteen. Edward is of course ageless but his appearance is that of a teenager. Johnny Depp was twenty-six.

Who is Edward Scissorhands in love with?

Kim Boggs is the love interest of Edward Scissorhands in the 1990 film of the same name. She was played by Winona Ryder who had previously played Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice and later Elsa Van Helsing in Frankenweenie, both films were directed by Tim Burton.

Did Winona Ryder play old Kim?

Was Winona wearing a wig in Edward Scissorhands?

In the 1990s, Ryder was known as the flannel-wearing, pixie cut-sporting indie queen. Yet as a bit of a joke, Burton gave Ryder the role of the bubbly queen-bee in Edward Scissorhands. The actress was forced to hang up her all-black hand-me-downs, and instead put on a cheerleading uniform along with a blonde wig.

Who plays Kim’s boyfriend in Edward Scissorhands?

Anthony Michael Hall
Anthony Michael Hall: Jim.

Who is the antagonist in Edward Scissorhands?

Jim is the main antagonist of the Tim Burton ‘s movie Edward Scissorhands. He is a thuggish jock and a bully as well as Kim’s boyfriend.

What is the main theme of Edward Scissorhands?

Burton acknowledged that the main themes of Edward Scissorhands deal with self-discovery and isolation. Edward is found living alone in the attic of a Gothic castle, a setting that is also used for main characters in Burton’s Batman and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Who starred in Edward Scissorhands?

Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 American romantic dark fantasy film directed by Tim Burton, produced by Denise Di Novi and Tim Burton, and written by Caroline Thompson from a story by Tim Burton and Caroline Thompson, starring Johnny Depp as an artificial man named Edward, an unfinished creation who has scissor blades instead of hands.

What year did Edward Scissorhands take place?

Edward Scissorhands. Edward Scissorhands was then fast tracked after Burton’s critical and financial success with Batman. The majority of filming took place in Lutz , Florida between March 10 and June 10, 1990. The film also marks the fourth collaboration between Burton and film score composer Danny Elfman .