Why should the rule of law be respected in a democracy?

So, in essence rule of law means that everyone from the government to its officials, together with citizens should act according to the law. The aim of rule of law like other constitutional principles is the uplifting of freedom and fundamental rights of the people.

What is the significance of the rule of law?

Rule of law, the mechanism, process, institution, practice, or norm that supports the equality of all citizens before the law, secures a nonarbitrary form of government, and more generally prevents the arbitrary use of power.

How did monotheistic religions contribute to democracy?

The 3 monotheistic religions contributed to democratic thought by 3 parts. Justice is everyone’s job, meaning all are responsible for helping others. Every individual has worth and dignity, meaning equal before God.

What is the significance of law in a society?

The law is important for a society for it serves as a norm of conduct for citizens. It was also made to provide for proper guidelines and order upon the behaviour for all citizens and to sustain the equity on the three branches of the government. It keeps the society running.

What is the role of democracy?

Democracies understand that one of their prime functions is to pro- tect such basic human rights as freedom of speech and religion; the right to equal protection under law; and the opportunity to organ- ize and participate fully in the political, economic, and cultural life of society.

Why democratic form of government is popular?

Answer: The most common form of government in contemporary world is democracy. Representative democracy provides the citizens with right to vote and choose their own representative. This type of democracy also gives proper rights to be enjoyed by all guarantees minimal exploitation.

What is the significance of the rule of law and respect for rights in a democratic country?

Answer: It also includes that no person would violate the laws. Thus, rule of law governs a state in democracy. Respect for rights mean that every citizen of a democratic state is provided with some important rights and it is a duty of everybody to respect each other’s rights and comply with them.

What is the significance of law?

Law governs much of what everyone does, day in and day out. It tell us what our rights and duties are. It allows us to assert rights that we have. It lets us know the consequences of not doing what we are supposed to do.