Do trailers have spare tires?

You may be wondering, why you need a spare tire at all for your utility trailer. Most owners of trailers will tell you they’ve only needed the spare tire a time or two in their entire life. However, when you need it and you don’t have it, you will wish you did. Tire issues are rather common with trailers.

What size are trailer tires?

Trailer tire sizes are broken into main groups 12 inch and smaller and 13 inch and larger. Sizes 12 inch and smaller are generally listed by a two number size, such as 4.80-8 or 5.70-12. The first number in this size is the width of the tread, the second number is the size of the rim that it mounts on.

Where is the spare tire on a utility trailer?

Essentially, you can install a spare tire carrier anywhere it will fit. I recommend placing it on the tongue as far back from the coupler as possible without interfering with anything. This will push its weight as far back as possible on the trailer.

How fast can trailer tires go?

Most trailer tires’ maximum speed ratings check in at 65-mph. Running a 65-mph-rated tire 75-mph down the highway can increase its inflation pressure as much as 10-psi without the trailer seeing any increase in load.

Can you use a car tire on a trailer?

Don’t. Trailer tires and passenger car tires have different structures to respond to different stresses. Using a trailer tire on your car, or a car tire on your trailer, could lead to disastrous consequences. They have longer tread life, and can usually see more use than a trailer tire.

How do you mount a spare tire on a trailer?

Torque all the mounting nuts firmly. For our carrier, two studs hold the tire on board. Place the spare tire with the inside of the wheel toward the trailer, running the top stud through a stud hole in the rim. Lock down the mounting nut — the lower stud of the carrier should be roughly centered in the center hole of the rim.

What is the best tire for a travel trailer?

1. Bridgestone – Overall they have have the best line of tires. The Lp. 22.5 R197 is the best trailer tire on the market. The 287 is the best steer tire on the market.

What to know about spare tires?

Everything you need to know about spare tires. Full size spares – A full size spare tire is a tire that is the same size as the rest of your tires. Because it’s the same size, the full size spare shouldn’t compromise your car’s driving performance once installed, which is one of its biggest benefits.

What is the life of the spare tire?

How long do spare tires last? Most full-size spare tires are designed to last anywhere from seven to 10 years, according to John Paul. That said, drivers should never use a tire with visible damage, such as cracks in the sidewall, punctures, impact bulges or irregular tread wear – all of which are dangerous to drive on.