How do I renew my CNA 2 license in NC?

How to submit…

  1. Access the Nurse Gateway to complete the Nurse Aide II Listing Renewal application.
  2. Select your listing. Your listing includes your listing type (NA II Listing), listing number, expiration date, and listing status.
  3. Select ‘Renewal/Reinstatement’ in the Applications tab.
  4. Complete application.

How do I get my CNA 2 in NC?

To list as a Nurse Aide II, you must have a current Nurse Aide I listing with no findings of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property and you must complete a Board approved Nurse Aide II program. The Nurse Aide II program is offered at most community colleges and some private companies.

How do I renew my CNA license in NC without working?

You will need to reinstate your CNA certification in North Carolina if you do not work at least eight hours during the two years prior to your certification’s expiration date. To reinstate your certification, you will need to retake the CNA training and repass the competency exam.

How long do you have to renew your CNA license after it expires NC?

How does the registry determine a listing expiration date? Initially, Nurse Aide I listings expire 24 months after the date the aide passes competency evaluation. At listing renewal, Nurse Aide I listings expire 24 months after their latest reported qualified work date.

Does North Carolina have CNA reciprocity?

Transfer Nursing Assistant Certification to North Carolina Via Reciprocity. It is important to know that North Carolina is one of the few states that does not allow an individual to transfer a CNA certification from another state to North Carolina.

How much does CNA 2 make in NC?

CNA II Salary in North Carolina

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $45,853 $22
75th Percentile $33,384 $16
Average $30,968 $15
25th Percentile $20,111 $10

How much do CNA II make in NC?

How do you renew CNA license in NC?

How to Renew Your CNA Certification in North Carolina. CNA certifications in North Carolina must be renewed every two years. You will be mailed a renewal form about three months prior to your certification’s expiration date. You and your current or most recent employer must fill this form out and mail it back to the Nurse Aide Registry.

How do you get a CNA license?

Here are the easy steps* to getting a CNA license: Fill out a application to take the state exam. Contact your local health department for the application and/or requirements. Wait for a letter in the mail from the tester including your test date and time. Take the test and if you pass get your CNA!!!

What is CNA 2 certification?

CNA II is a class specification to denote a nursing aide who has a higher level of experience and expertise. These aides usually have additional certifications and/or at least two to five years experience over other nursing assistants.

How do you check the status of your CNA certification?

How to Find Out If You Are Still Certified As a CNA Checking Your Certificate. You can check your certificate for the expiration date. Employer Verification System. Employers can check your state’s nurse aide registry to verify your certification You can also use this system to check your current status. Contact the Office. Reinstating Your Certificate. Reactivating Your Certificate.