Where can I find Baviaanskloof?

The Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area lies approximately 120 km. West of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa and comprises of approximately 270 000 ha. of unspoiled, rugged mountainous terrain.

How long does it take to drive through the Baviaanskloof?

7-8 hours
It takes approx. 7-8 hours to drive through the Baviaanskloof from Willowmore to Patensie. No Pets allowed in the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area. No ATM facilities available in the Kloof.

How long is the Baviaanskloof Pass?

8,3 km
The Baviaanskloof has 8 magnificent passes and poorts of which the Grasnek Pass is probably the best in terms of scenic beauty. It’s fairly long at 8,3 km and includes in that length an astonishing 83 bends, corners and curves which equates to one bend every 100 metres.

How big is Baviaanskloof?

around 500,000 hectares
The Baviaanskloof area includes a cluster of formal protected areas managed by the Eastern Cape Parks Board totalling around 500,000 hectares (1,200,000 acres), of which the most well-known is the 184 385 ha Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve – the third largest protected area in South Africa.

In which district is Baviaanskloof?

Sarah Baartman
The municipality was named after the Baviaanskloof. The name is of Dutch origin and means “baboons ravine”….Baviaans Local Municipality.

Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape
District Sarah Baartman
Seat Willowmore

Do I need a 4×4 for Baviaanskloof?

Baviaanskloof itself is a 4×4 route with river crossings, steep ascents and descents and amazing opportunities to view the fauna and flora. A 4×4, low range and high clearance vehicle is required and the route has a difficulty grading of 1 to 4. This is a self-drive expedition.

Do you need a 4×4 for Baviaanskloof?

Can you do the Baviaanskloof with a 4×2?

We all managed fine – the 2 x4 engaged diff-lock occationally – so u will be fine.

Can you drive through Baviaanskloof?

Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Baviaanskloof is an eclectic mix of nature and culture. This route encompasses a dirt road through the kloof which due to its rough parts is only accessibly by 4WD.

Are the roads to the Baviaanskloof Wilderness area open?

The roads to the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area are open! When entering the Baviaanskloof through the Nuwekloof Pass visitors will be treated to mountain scenery that is often termed the “Skyscapers” of the Baviaanskloof. The road winds along the riverbed with towering cliffs on both sides giving one a taste of what is to come.

What is the Nuwekloof?

Nuwekloof forms the western gateway of the Baviaanskloof. In it you will see two interesting sights. One is the Sleutel or Key, a massive rock formation which has split right through from top to bottom. It is so-called because if it ever topples over it will lock the Baviaanskloof shut from this end.

Where is Baviaanskloof?

The Baviaanskloof area is one of the little-known and under-developed wilderness regions in South Africa. Only a rough gravel road runs from Willowmore in the west to Andrieskraal or Patensie at the eastern end of the valley. The runway is only passable by off-road vehicle with good ground clearance.

What is the Baviaanskloof Sleutel key?

Along the way you will encounter the “Geraas Krans” (Noisy Cliff) and the “ Baviaanskloof Sleutel ” (Baviaanskloof Key). The latter is an overhanging rock with a split right through from the top to the bottom seemingly ready to fall and “lock” the road preventing access into the Baviaanskloof.