How does the EZ1 work?

The system is based on proven magnetic bead technology and can process up to 14 samples in each run in 20 minutes. The process consists of reading the reagent and sample information with a bar code scanner, lysing the samples, binding the nucleic acids to the beads, washing and finally eluting the nucleic acids.

How many samples can a Qiagen EZ1 process in one run?

14 samples
The EZ1 instrument performs all steps of the sample preparation procedure, and the procedure can be scaled up or down, allowing purification from varying amounts of starting material. Up to 14 samples are processed in a single run.

What is QIAsymphony?

The QIAsymphony AS provides active cooling of reagents, eluates, and assays, enabling safe and reproducible assay setup. The QIAsymphony AS enables setup of multiple assays per run or sample and supports QIAGEN PCR and RT-PCR kits. A customization service is available for in-house assays.

How many samples can a Qiagen QIAcube process in one run?

12 samples
The QIAcube is designed for fully automated processing of up to 12 samples using QIAGEN spin-column kits.

How much is a QIAsymphony?

This is a current model that has a sale price of approximately $145,000.

How much does a QIAcube connect cost?

Cost Analysis (per Season Seferyn, MSFS) The instrument itself costs $17,802. In addition, it costs about $24.79 to set up the QIAcube® (Table 2), as a certain level of reagent is required in the reagent bottles, and specialized plastics are also needed.

How much is a QIAcube connect?

A little late to this thread, but the QiaCube is around $21,000 U.S. and you will likely want to spend a bit more getting it set up and a service plan. You have to use different pipette tips for it to, which cost a tad more.

What are the features of biorobot EZ1?

Specifications Features Specifications applications PCR, real-time RT-PCR, genotyping mainsampletype Forensic samples forautomatedprocessing BioRobot EZ1 sampleamount <500 µl

What is the EZ1 DNA investigator kit?

The EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit reproducibly automates purification of genomic DNA from reference and casework samples in human identity testing. The kit can be used with the EZ1 Advanced XL (1–14 samples per run), EZ1 Advanced (1–6 samples per run), and BioRobot EZ1 (1–6 samples per run) instruments.

How many samples can I use with the EZ1 advanced XL kit?

The kit can be used with the EZ2 Connect Fx (1-24 samples), EZ1 Advanced XL (1–14 samples per run), EZ1 Advanced (1–6 samples per run), and BioRobot EZ1 (1–6 samples per run) instruments. Purification is fast and efficient. Purified DNA performs well in downstream analyses with high signal-to-noise ratios, such as quantitative PCR and STR analysis.

What is an EZ1 kit used for?

EZ1 Kits are available for a broad range of applications including work in human identity and forensics, biomedical research, and gene expression analysis (see table). * EZ1 Advanced XL DSP Cards and EZ1 DSP Kits are intended for in vitro diagnostic use in Europe, the United States, and Canada.