What does Mountain Home AFB have?

The wing is home to three fighter squadrons: the 389th Fighter Squadron, 391st Fighter Squadron and a Republic of Singapore 428th Fighter Squadron. The wing has the firepower of more than 50 F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft and 12 Republic of Singapore Air Force F-15SG aircraft.

What is the name of the Air Force Base in Idaho?

Mountain Home Air Force Base
Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho is the home of the 366th Fighter Wing, which reports to Air Combat Command.

How many people are at Mountain Home AFB?

The population at Mountain Home AFB is roughly 4,500 active duty, 6,000 family members, 7,000 retirees, and 650 civilian employees. Your sponsor will arrange transportation onto the base or you can call the base taxi at 828-2215 or the Mountain Home Shuttle Service at 580-1887.

How many people live Mountain Home AFB?

Is there a Marine Corp base in Idaho?

There are no Marine Corps bases in Idaho.

Is there a Marine base in Idaho?

There’s just one military base in Idaho. It’s an Air Force base in Elmore, in the southwest. The Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard do not have bases in ID though.

What military installations are in Idaho?

Idaho Military Bases

  • Map of Military Bases in Idaho. BESbswy.
  • Mountain Home Air Force Base. The only true military base in Idaho, Mountain Home AFB is located 40 miles southeast of Boise.
  • MTA Gowen Field Boise.
  • Orchard Range Training Site Boise.
  • TS Edgemeade Mountain Home.

What does the 366th FSS do?

The 366th FSS is responsible for dining, lodging, fitness, honor guard, family member programs, leisure activities and mortuary affairs. It maintains readiness for an approximately 100 person mobility commitment.

What does the 366th Air Force special forces do?

Highly trained and certified squadron Airmen deploy worldwide for contingency operations in support of Combatant Command (COCOM) warfighter requirements spanning a full spectrum of AF, Joint and Coalition missions. The 366th FSS ensures complete customer service for all personnel in the 366th FW.

What does the 366th computer science squadron do?

The squadron manages a $200 million design and construction program. The 366th CS provides combat-ready command and control communication, computer systems, visual information, and information management services to the 366th FW including three flying squadrons and nearly 5,000 personnel.

How many people are in the 366th EMS?

366th Maintenance Squadron The 366th EMS provides safe and reliable on/off equipment maintenance for more than 60 F-15E/SG aircraft. The squadron includes more than 400 personnel in 11 career fields assigned to aerospace ground equipment, armament, fabrication, munitions and maintenance flights.