What are the rules of paintball?

Here are some general paintball etiquette rules to abide by:

  • Safety first.
  • Keep your mask on.
  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • Remember paintball is a team sport.
  • Mind your fire.
  • Never shoot point blank.
  • Don’t cheat.
  • Clear the field when you’re hit.

What is paintball game all about?

Paintball is a game that originated in America in the early eighties which involves teams or individual players competing against each to eliminate other players by hitting them with paint-filled pellets fired from a compressed gas powered gun, otherwise known as a marker, and complete game objectives.

Who plays paintball?

Who Plays Paintball? Paintball is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Anyone can be a star player, as strategy and teamwork, not size, speed or strength, lead to victory. Insurance rules determine the minimum age for players; check with the field operator for the field’s requirements for allowing minors to play.

Is paintball fun to play?

Paintball is fun. There are lots of things in life that are rewarding, but if they happen to be fun while being rewarding, then they become a must-do activity. Paintball is a lot of fun to play and that sense of fun is what brings me back again and again.

How much is a game of paintball?

Paintballs generally range from $15 – $30 per 500 round bag, and $50-75 per 2000 round case. Some of the things that affect paintball price are as follows: Shell quality: paintballs need to be round to fly straight. A more expensive paintball has greater perfection and consistency.

What are facts about paintball?

Historical facts about paintball In 1970, paintball guns were invented by Daisy and Crosman. The game of paintball was actually invented by Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines. In 1982, Bob Gurnsey created the first paintball field meant for commercial purposes. In 1989, Tippmann created the first automatic paintball gun – the SMG-60.

What are the basic rules of paintball?

BASIC RULES OF PAINTBALL. Set up the Boundaries of the playing field. Be sure that all players and the referee’s) understand where they’re located. The rules are: During the playing of a game, any player’s) caught outside of the boundaries is/are out of the current game and are to leave the play field area at once.

Can a paintball kill you?

No. While someone could come up with some crazy way to use paintball guns as a deadly weapon (maybe as a bludgeon), a paintball gun cannot kill a person when used as it is intended (or even as it wasn’t intended).

What is the cheapest paintball gun?

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