Why do people go to Stanthorpe?

Cold climates make for the most delicious produce and growing conditions. Think crunchy fresh apples, berries, truffles and grape varieties found in Strange Bird wines unique to the area. This makes the food here ‘aahmazing’. Our local chef’s love the access they have to produce and design menu’s to suit the seasons.

Is Stanthorpe a good place to live?

Stanthorpe offers good accommodation and has excellent shopping facilities. The town is surrounded by national parks offering good bushwalking with plenty of opportunities to see some amazing flora and fauna. Home prices vary in the area with some good starter homes still available.

When did Stanthorpe run out of water?

Fires, drought and now no water In September 2018, Stanthorpe and the nearby community of Applethorpe were hit by bushfires while scrambling to deal with the prospect of running out of water. Many had to sacrifice precious stored water supplies to protect properties from fire.

Why is it called the Granite Belt?

The Granite Belt is an area of the Great Dividing Range in the Darling Downs region of Queensland and the New England region of New South Wales, Australia. The area gains its name from the predominantly granite rocks that distinguish it from other areas that make up much of South East Queensland.

Is Stanthorpe worth visiting?

Stanthorpe is a beautiful town. The people are friendly and welcoming. There are a good selection of shops, restaurants and pubs. There is plenty to do here eg winery visits, Storm King Dam , swimming pool and pretty parks.

Who is Stanthorpes Favourite son?

Six-month-old Jaxson Brian Wilmot has been named Stanthorpe’s cutest baby for 2021, with his mum Natalie Wilmot telling the Border Post she is one “pretty proud mummy”. “He’s a very bright and happy baby.

Why is stanthorpe so cold?

Climate. Owing to its elevation, Stanthorpe features a subtropical highland climate (Cfb). At an altitude of 811 metres (2,661 ft), Stanthorpe holds the record for the lowest temperature recorded in Queensland at −10.6 °C (12.9 °F) on 23 June 1961.

What towns are in the Granite Belt?

The Southern Downs and Granite Belt takes in the towns of Warwick, Stanthorpe, Killarney, Allora and a string of friendly villages, each with their own experiences to offer.

Is Stanthorpe still trucking in water?

The Southern Queensland towns of Stanthorpe and Clifton are still carting water after supplies ran dry in 2019.

What is the postcode for Stanthorpe?

Stanthorpe/Postal codes

When did Stanthorpe get snow?

When Stanthorpe residents woke on a freezing July morning in 2015, they were greeted with a magical winter wonderland on their doorstep. A thick blanket of snow covered roads, parks, and houses in what was the state’s most significant snowfall in 30 years.

How did Stanthorpe get its name?

Lodge a Complaint Process for Council’s customers to complain when dissatisfied with a Council action, decision or service. Stanthorpe was explored by Allan Cunningham in 1827. It was originally named ‘Quart Pot’ by Patrick Leslie, who accidentally left his quart pot behind the creek at which they had camped.

How do I contact the Stanthorpe Historical Society?

12 High Street, Stantho Phone: (07) 4681 1711 [email protected] The Stanthorpe and District Historical Society has operated the Stanthorpe Heritage Museum since 1970. The collection is maintained and presented by members of the Society. All items are donated by the local community and

When was Stanthorpe first explored?

Stanthorpe was explored by Allan Cunningham in 1827. It was originally named ‘Quart Pot’ by Patrick Leslie, who accidentally left his quart pot behind the creek at which they had camped.

How did YOU CELEBRATE Stanthorpe’s 100th birthday?

Stanthorpe turned on the party of the century to mark the towns’ 100th birthday in 1972. Two hundred and twenty people in 21 subcommittees had worked and planned for 18 months to make the 1972 Apple and Grape Harvest Festival the undisputed highlight of Stanthorpe’s centenary year.